How can I describe me?

Call me Sybella

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Zodiac: Cancer
Born: July 7
Height: Short -.-'

Things I love 
Going walking at night
My phone
Helping others
Being outside after it rains
Cultures different from my own

Favorite Books 
Anything by the author Sara Dessen
Song of Solomon
A Street Car Named Desire

Things I Dislike 
The word Hate
People with no sense of humor
People who think they know everything
Any spicy food 
Making decisions 
Country music

What You Should Know About Me 
I ask a lot of questions
I have been diagnosed with DID(Dissociative Identity Disorder)
I don't know what I believe in religious wise
I don't know which political party I like best
I am unsure of my sexual orientation 
I work in retail
I am in a long distance relationship
I never live in one place for long


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