Make Up

Book Project Subject: Make up Medium: Lip stick, powder, eyeliner, foundation. Canvas: Book Pages

Book Project
Subject: Make up
Medium: Lip stick, powder, eyeliner, foundation.
Canvas: Book Pages



On July 14, 2012 my parents moved me 453 miles away. I have always moved from place to place. My home in FL is the longest I’ve stayed anywhere so I feel the most attached to that particular city.

I lived in a house with a pool in Clermont, FL. It is an amazing little suburb not far from Disney, Universal, and Wet N’ Wild. My parents decided to sell the house with a pool and move to a big house in Summerville, SC. I hated it there. I was 5th going into 6th grade then. All of the kids were mean to my brother and I. I got into a fight for him when I lived there.

The house in FL just refused to sell so we moved back into the same house. My parents had gone broke trying to pay mortgages on two houses. We had moved three times in nine months. I was happy to be back though.

This was the time when the housing market crashed. I remember the lady coming to our house. We had been in FL for four years around this time. the longest I had stayed anywhere was only three years until we had the house with a pool.

We had to leave and clear out the house perfectly or my parents wouldn’t have gotten the check promised to them of some pitiful amount of money. If it hadn’t been for my Aunt who I never see we wouldn’t have been able to stay in FL. She gifted us with 2,000$.

With this money we moved into a house I must blog about later. The absurdities are too numerous and insane to not give it it’s own entry. After we lost that house we moved in with my father’s parents on July 14, 2012.

To this date I have been through a total of eight houses, and ten schools.

So why is this move the one that’s killing me? I can’t get back to having a life. I have been asleep for eleven months and I can’t seem to wake up. I go through life but I don’t enjoy it. I feel like I have forgotten how to. I go to work, school, home, sleep, and repeat.

Millennials By Sybella

We often come home every day to an empty house.

We stay up late into the night while you sleep peacefully.


We have colorful hair and shredded jeans.

We wear half shirts that expose our belly ring.

We have tattoos.

We always wear jackets to cover up the marks.

We are the ones that you avoid eye contact with.


We think we can take care of ourselves.

We do stupid things as a secret cry for your help.

We desperately want your attention.

We need guidance but are too stubborn to take it.

We have impatient tempers waiting for the right person to blow up on.


We get busted for smoking right after you ground out your cigarette.

We get punished for drinking at parties, yet you hand us alcohol for special occasions.

We get yelled at for cursing when you curse more that we do.

We are called immature, but you won’t let us grow up and experience the world.


We spread rumors because this is what you show us.

We drive recklessly and get people killed.

We are stupid enough to play with guns.

We act fake to you and think you buy it.


We are quiet thinking on what we will do to those who have wronged us.

We have resentment bubbling up inside if us.

We itch for violence.

We know right from wrong.


America, We are your future.


We Will be Together Again

Together again soon
today holds the promise of tomorrow 
the sun rises
I think of you
the sun sets
I think of you
I’ll make it through
with thoughts of you
the sun rises
just one more day
the sun sets
just one more night
our love is like time
a never ending love
the sun rises
we will be together again soon
the sun sets
we will be together again soon
together again
together again